Learn with the Pros

Elevate your game in contact with a group of players who will know how to help you. Join an active and dedicated community that will help you focus on playing your A game.

Strategic optimization

Even the best players make mistakes. Our goal is to help you fix yours, as well as giving you the necessary tools to identify and exploit those of your opponents. Through the training material available, close monitoring by our coaches and the contact you will have with an active and commited community, you will be inserted in an environment where participation in advanced strategic discussions will no longer be a sporadic event.

Game theory

Don't get caught by surprise in a far-fetched spot, not knowing how to better manage your stack or your play. We teach you how to plan from A to Z so that you follow a coherent and well thought out line. Knowing that our coaches believe that intensive studying of ours and our opponents' game is a fundamental piece to any player's success, we give you the foundations to the development of good theorization and game-review habits, so that you can come out on top on the largest number of situations possible.

Personalized training

Coaching sessions, group hand-reviews and strategic discussion of all relevant spots. Get involved in a community of players who are determined to push their game to the next level, always available for mutual aid. Guided by professionals, you will be routed to the realization of an optimal game selection according to your profile, not only so that you optimize your returns, but also your evolution as a player. Lose your sense of doubt regarding the tournaments, stakes or level of the opponents against who you play, through a meticulous analysis that is performed for your situation in particular. All players are treated as isolated cases, optimizing our plan according to your specific needs.

The Team

Professional players with a proven years-long track record.

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